тесты по английскому языку ЕГЭ ЕНТ

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тесты по английскому языку ЕГЭ ЕНТ

1) Укажите правильно составленное предложение в Past Continuous:
a)   It was snowing all day long yesterday.
b)   The snow was all the day long yesterday.
c) It was snowed all the day long yesterday.
d) It snowing all day long yesterday.
e) The snow went all day long yesterday.

2) Вставьте глагол в Present Simple: You must … a letter.
a) write
b) wrote
c) writing
d) written
e) to write

3) Вставьте правильные формы притяжательных местоимений: How are … children? – Fine, thanks. How are … ?
a) your / yours.
b) Yours / yours
c) Your / your
d) Yours / your
e) Yours / my

4) Укажите перевод предложения: Кто помогает тебе тренироваться?
a) Who helps you to train?
b) Who is help you to train?
c) Who does help you to train?
d) Who helped you to train?
e) Who help you to train?

5) Укажите перевод предложения: They make sports cars in this factory.
a) Sports cars are made in this factory.
b) Sports cars were made in this factory.
c) They used to make sports cars in this factory.
d) Sports cars made in this factory.
e) They made sports cars in this factory.

6) Выберите правильный вариант предлога: We arrived … England last week.
a) in
b) into
c) on
d) for
e) to

7) Укажите правильно написанное слово:
a) language
b) lenguage
c) langige
d) languige
e) lenguige

8) Выберите правильную форму глагола “to be”: Those … my presents.
a) are
b) be
c) am
d) is
e) was

9) Вставьте нужную форму глагола to be: The children … going to play football when it began to rain.
a) were
b) was
c) are
d) is
e) to be

10) Выберите правильное числительное: My watch is … minutes fast.
a) ten
b) the tenth
c) a third
d) fifth
e) the ninth

11) Вставьте пропущенное слово: Australia is a(n) …. .
a) island continent
b) district
c) town
d) peninsula
e) city

12) Форма множественного числа отличается от остальных слове:
a) fish
b) animal
c) eye
d) body
e) horse

13) Выберите правильный вариант: This child … for his classes.
a) is often late
b) often late is
c) is late often
d) late often is
e) often is late

14) Выразите одним словом: A stopping place for trains is a … .
a) station
b) stop
c) city
d) village
e) field

15) Задайте альтернативный вопрос к предложению: The girl has won the game.
a) Has the girl or the boy won the game?
b) The girl has won the game, hasn’t she?
c) Why has she won the game?
d) Has the girl won the game?
e) Who has won the game?

16) Дополните предложение глаголом в Past Continuous: The hockey players … the goal when I turned on the TV set.
a) were attacking
b) is attacking
c) was attacking
d) are attacking
e) be attacking

17) Выберите слово, противоположное по значению “expensive”:
a) cheap
b) powerful
c) interesting
d) cheerful
e) clever

18) Выберите правильный вариант отрицательного предложения: It is dangerous. …
a) Don’t go there.
b) Doesn’t go there.
c) Go don’t there.
d) Go not there.
e) Not go there.

19) Выберите предложение с герундием:
a) Skiing is my favourite sport.
b) Can you ski?
c) Does he like to ski?
d) He can ski very well.
e) The boys are skiing now.

20) Выберите верное местоимение: I have a cat. We call … Murka.
a) her
b) its
c) hers
d) she
e) his

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