Проверочные тесты ЕНТ 2013 по английскому языку

Скачать тесты по английскому языку для подготовки к тестированию 2013


1. Выберите правильно написанное слово:
A) Cryed.
B) Cryied.
C) Cryeid.
D) Cried.
E) Cred.
2. Закончите предложение:
Ben is a real football …
A) fun.
B) fan.
C) play.
D) pupil.
E) worker.
3. Артикль употреблен правильно в предложении:
A) A clouds hide a sun.
B) He likes to go to a schools.
C) The Browns went to the seaside last year.
D) A moon is in the sky.
E) There is the cinema near my a house.
4. Найдите правильный вариант сказуемого:
Asel … sweets.
A) Likes not.
B) Not like.
C) Don’t like.
D) Doesn’t like.
E) Do like.
5. Выберите предложение с общим вопросом:
A) Do they know French or German?
B) Where do you live?
C) Does Mary like milk?
D) How many words did you write?
E) How is your brother?
6. Найдите правильный вариант сказуемого.
She … to dance all night.
A) Is going.
B) Am going.
C) Are going.
D) Were going.
E) Go.
7. Закончите фразеологизм:
To give … the game — выйти из игры
A) Down.
B) On.
C) Up.
D) At.
E) In.
8. Выберите правильный вариант предлога:
Dad was tired … hard work in the garden and decided to have a short sleep.
A) with
B) of
C) by
D) in
E) at
9. Найдите правильный вариант словосочетания:
”орфографическая ошибка “
A) unspelling.
B) inspelling.
C) imspelling.
D) disspellingt.
E) misspelling.
10. Выберите правильный вариант чтения количественного числительного:
A) Nine hundreds and ninety-nine.
B) Nine hundred ninety-nine.
C) Nine hundred and ninety-nine.
D) Nine hundreds and ninety-ninth.
E) Ninety-nine and nine.
11. Закончите предложение:
The shortest month is …
A) May.
B) February.
C) April.
D) January.
E) August.
12. Выберите правильный вариант местоимения.
I must go to the conference. … begins at 5 o’clock.
A) She.
B) He.
C) Him.
D) Whose.
E) It.
13. Найдите правильное местоимение:
There is the wish … worries me.
A) Which.
B) What.
C) Whom.
D) Whose.
E) Who.
14. Найдите существительное:
A) now
B) know
C) rainbow
D) new
E) slow
15. Выберите правильный вариант притяжательной формы существительного:
Astana is this … new capital.
A) Country.
B) Countrys’.
C) Countries.
D) Country’s.
E) Сountries’.
16. Выберите эквивалент в пассивном залоге.
This company employs two hundred people.
A) Two hundred people were employed by this company.
B) Two hundred people are employed by this company.
C) Two hundred people is employed by this company.
D) Two hundred people has been employed by this company.
E) Two hundred people are being employed by this company.
17. Выберите правильный вариант модального глагола.
The fire spread through the building quickly but everybody … .
A) managed escaping.
B) abled to escape.
C) can escape.
D) did can to escape.
E) was able to escape.
18. Поставьте предложение в отрицательную форму:
I will answer all the questions.
A) I shall no answer all the questions.
B) I shall answering all the questions.
C) I will not answer all the questions.
D) I not answer all the questions.
E) I not shall answer all the questions.
19. Определите название формы по приведенному примеру:
To have helped.
A) Gerund.
B) Perfect Infinitive Active.
C) Participle 2.
D) Participle 1.
E) Indefinite Infinitive Active.
20. Образуйте новое слово от “accept“, употребив верный суффикс:
A) acceptic
B) acceptan
C) acceptal
D) acceptous
E) acceptable

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