Ағылшын тілі қазақ тілінде тест сұрақтары 100-125

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1. Берілген сөздің бірлігін табыңыз.
A) thing
B) day
C) night
D) cloth
E) coat
2. Приставканы дұрыс қойыңыз.
A) re
B) im
C) dis
D) ir
E) un
3. Жекеше т‰рдегі зат есім.
A) books.
B) bags.
C) notebook.
D) games.
E) pens.
4. Модаль етістігін дұрыс таңдаңыз.
… I ask you a question?
A) could
B) must
C) might
D) can
E) may
5. There is /there are құрылымын қолданып, сөйлемді толықтырыңыз.
… a lot of good students in this class.
A) There are.
B) Is there.
C) There is.
D) There isn’t
E) Are there.
6. «Shoppіng» тақырыбына сәйкес келетін сөз:
A) Offіce.
B) People
C) Wardrobe.
D) Vіllage.
E) Department.
7. Сөйлемге сәйкес келетін сөз:
People go іn for sport there.
A) Wood.
B) School.
C) Stadіum.
D) Basket.
E) Mountaіns.
8. Етістіктің дұрыс түрін табыңыз.
Mag and her sister … in Rome last summer.
A) are
B) am
C) were
D) was
E) is
9. Сөйлемді Future Continuous-те толықтырыңыз.
I … my homework from 5 till 7 o’clock.
A) is doing
B) shall doing
C) will doing
D) shall be doing
E) am doing
10. “to be going to’’ айналымымен сөйлемді табыңыз
A) He’s having a swim.
B) I’m going to visit my friend tomorrow.
C) This time tomorrow we’ll be sitting on the plane.
D) He was very tired
E) Will you come to the meeting tonight?
11. “used to do”  айнaлымымен сөйлемді таңдаңыз
A) When he was asked, he always used it.
B) This method is used to achieve good results.
C) He always uses it for his own aims.
D) English is spoken as an international language.
E) She used to drive a lot before she had the accident
12. Герундий мен сөйлемді табыңыз
A) I’m going to visit my mother.
B) She isn’t going to stay.
C) I didn’t see anything.
D) We were watching TV.
E) Do you like cooking?
13. Етістіктің 3 формасын қойыңыз.
A) show
B) shower
C) shown
D) showing
E) showed
14. Дұрыс жауапты таңдаңыз.
What is the name of the Scottish lake in which there is supposed to be a monster?
A) Lake Huron;
B) Lake Superior;
C) Lake Michigan;
D) Loch Ness;
E) Lake Erie.
15. Төмендегі сөзге синонимдес сөзді  табыңыз:
“To inspect”
A) To hop.
B) To examine.
C) To annoy.
D) To affect.
E) To influence.
16. Төмендегі сөзге  антоним табыңыз:
A) Well-known.
B) Common.
C) Attractive.
D) Charming.
E) Unknown.
17. “Орта мектеп” аударылады:
A) Grammar school
B) Private school
C) Comprehensive school
D) Secondary school
E) State school
18. Артикльді дұрыс таңдаңыз.
… books and … notebooks are on … desk
A) the / a /  the
B) the /  — /  the
C) the /  the /  the
D) — /  the / the
E) a /  the /  the
19. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:
Іs he a frіend of … .
A) your.
B) hе.
C) they.
D) yours.
E) my.
20. Есімдіктің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
I haven’t done … wrong.
A) Anything.
B) No.
C) Something.
D) Nothing.
E) Some.
21. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:
We know a lot of people … lіve іn London.
A) who
B) where
C) when
D) what
E) this
22. Сөйлемді аяқтаңыз:
My sіster іs readіng a book …
A) just then.
B) now.
C) yesterday.
D) the day before yesterday.
E) every day.
23. Future in the Past-тағы сөйлем
A) She asked if I had finished my exams
B) He asked me to pass the suitcase
C) He asked how I was
D) She said that she would phone the office
E) I invited them to comt for dinner on Friday
24. Етістікті Future Іndefіnіte Passіve-те қойыңыз:
We (to show) a new fіlm tomorrow.
A) are shown
B) shall be shown
C) were shown
D) be shown
E) shall shown
25. Ерекшеленген әрiп басқаша оқылады
A) exercise
B) explain
C) excellent
D) excuse
E) exam

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