Ағылшын тілі қазақ тілінде тест сұрақтары 1-40

Ағылшын тілі қазақ тілінде тест сұрақтары.
Сұрақ — кітабына 35 нұсқа.

Навигация: 1-40 40-80 80-100 100-125

1 нұсқа

1. “to be” етістігінің дұрыс формасын таңдаңыз.
She … in the fifth form.
A) are.
B) is.
C) am.
D) were.
E) been.
2. Жақшадағы етістікті дұрыс шақта қолданыңыз.
I …(watch) TV when it began to rain.
A) Was watching.
B) Am watching.
C) Watched.
D) Watching.
E) Watch.
3. Future in the Past-тағы етiстiк
A) shall lost
B) should last
C) shall lose
D) should lose
E) shall losing
4. “to be going to do smth” дұрыс формада қойыңыз.
They … to buy a book tomorrow.
A) is going.
B) am going.
C) are going.
D) were going.
E) was going.
5. Етістіктің 2 формасын қойыңыз.
A) not meet
B) meets
C) meeted
D) met
E) meeting
6. ІІ типті буынмен оқылатын сөзді таңдаңыз.
A) Bye
B) Gave
C) Sand
D) Pie
E) Mine
7. «Happy» сөзінің туынды сөзі:
A) Happіc.
B) Rehappy.
C) Happіatіon.
D) Happіness.
E) Happeless.
8. “a Postman” сөзінің көпше түрі:
A) Postmen
B) Postman
C) Postmens
D) Postmans
E) Postmanses
9. Зат есімнің тәуелденуі бар сөйлемді таңдаңыз
A) My sisters live in Astana
B) My sisters are older than my brother
C) My sister’s a big house
D) My sister’s room is large
E) My sister’s a manager
10. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқаcын табыңыз:
I always … to arrive everywhere on time.
A) Were trying.
B) Has tried.
C) Try.
D) Are trying.
E) Tries.
11. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
There … several beautiful parks in this city.
A) Been.
B) Are.
C) Is.
D) Was.
E) Be.
12. Герундий мен сөйлемді табыңыз
A) There is a lot of housework to do.
B) I’m going to visit my parents.
C) They are planning to stay with us for the weekend.
D) The washing machine wasn’t working.
E) I like washing and ironing the clothes.
13. Мәтінді оқып, мәтіннің мағынасына сәйкес  сөйлемді аяқтаңыз:
Balzac, the famous French writer, was a man of great talent. But he himself was proud of his ability to tell a person’s character by his or her handwriting. One day a woman brought him a young boy’s exercise-book. She said she wanted to know what Balzac thought of the boy’s character. Balzac studied the boy’s handwriting carefully. Then he said that the boy was a lazy fellow. “It’s very strange,” said the woman smiling. “This is a page from your own exercise-book, which you used when you were a boy.”
Balzac … .
A) Was an engineer.
B) Was a man of great talent.
C) Was going by train to France.
D) Made exercise-book.
E) Was a famous English writer.
14. Cөйлемді аяқтаңыз:
Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s … .
A) Husband.
B) Son.
C) Brother.
D) Father.
E) Uncle.
15. Фразалық етістіктің дұрыс вариантын таңдаңыз:
The teacher told us to … the blackboard.
A) Look up.
B) Look for.
C) Look after.
D) Look at.
E) Look.
16. Сөйлемді аяқтаңыз:
We call a favourіte domestіc anіmal a …
A) mouse.
B) cat.
C) pet.
D) horse.
E) dog.
17. Дұрыс толықтырыңыз:
… is made of milk and sugar
A) ice-cream
B) a ice-cream
C) the ice-cream
D) an ice-cream
E) ice-creams
18. Кері мағынасы бар сын  есімді табыңыз
A) postwar
B) legal
C) productive
D) dramatic
E) irregular
19. Есімдікті қойыңыз:
They dіd not pіck … flowers.
A) any
B) nothіng
C) somebody
D) something
E) anythіng
20. Есімдіктің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
Do you remember those people … we met in Astana?
A) Where.
B) Those.
C) Who.
D) Whose.
E) What.

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