Лексико — грамматические тесты по английскому языку

Лексико — грамматические тесты по английскому языку. Для подготовки к ЕНТ и ЕГЭ 2014

Entry Test
Use the proper form.
1. Both my (brother-in-law) work in a bank which is situated on the (outskirt/outskirts) of town.
2. Look! Two (aircraft) are flying in the dark sky.
3. My (grandmother) favourite TV series (be) ‘Santa Barbara’.
4. When (be) the latest news on TV? — (It, They) (be) at 9 a.m.
5. Two kilometres (be) a long way to go on foot.
6. The police (be) after the escaped prisoners.
7. Oh dear. Measles (be) quite a serious illness.
8. My (sister-in-law) family is not very large.
9. Cambridge University was exclusively for (man) until 1871 when the first (woman) college was opened.
10. My uncle was operated yesterday. He is still in … hospital. I’m going to … hospital to see him.
11. … life will be very different in … future.
12. … villages-in this part of … country near … Thames are very beautiful.
13. … Nightingales belonged to … highest social class of … England.
14. What do you call … people of … China? — … Chinese.
15. … man must do everything possible to save … environment and … life on … planet of Earth.
16. … English language was brought onto … British Isles in … middle of … fifth century by … Angles, Saxons and Jutes who came there from … North of … Germany.
17. Near … British Museum you can see the tall building of … University of London.
18. … Statue of Liberty was … gift of friendship from … France to … United States.
Tenses in the Active and Passive Voice. The Sequence of Tenses:
19. I never (read) a story that (interest) me so much as the one I (read) last night.
20. When we (go) to see them last night, they (play) chess, they (say) they (play) since six o’clock.
21. You (go) with us to the Zoo tomorrow if you (be) a good boy.
22. No sooner we (finish) the translation of the text than the bell (ring).
23. Why you (not, make, do) an effort to improve your life? I wish you (make) an effort to change everything.
24. If I (be) you, I (think) twice before accepting his invitation.
25. 1 wish you (discuss) this (serious, seriously) tomorrow. It isn’t funny.
26. All the doors and windows (lock) before we went on holiday, but the house (break into) when we (return) home.
27. Our house (surround) by a beautiful garden. The garden (plant) by my grandfather many years ago.
28. The Cambridge Folk Festival very well (organize), and there are never (any, some) of the serious problems which can (cause) by large crowds.
29. The oldest college in Cambridge University is Peterhou-se, which (found) in 1284, and the most recent is Robinson College which (open) in 1977.
30. I’d like to know who Australia (discover) by? — Ask the teacher about it, …?
31. Dan said that he (call) you (tomorrow). — If he (call) me in the evening, I (be) very busy. I wish he (call) me in the morning.
32. We thought that the parcel (deliver) in time, but the postman (not, come) yet.
33. The furniture (rearrange) today, and the flat (look) very cozy now.
Modal verbs:
34. Let’s discuss this over lunch, …? — OK. We (can, had to, may) discuss this (later, lately).
35. Cambridge (can, must, may) be one of the best-known towns in the world and (may, can, must) (find) on most tourists’ lists of places to visit. You (should, have to, might) go there yourself to see this town. I (mustn’t, can’t, needn’t) do it, I (be) there several times.
36. Everyone (can, should, might) pay taxes to the government.
Pronouns and Prepositions:
37. (Some, any, few) beautiful roses (give) (on, to, for). Jane (to, by, at, for) Patrick (by, at, on) (her, hers) birthday.
38. The house was small and there (be) not (many, much, little, a little) rooms in it.
39. (What, how) is Rob like? — He is generous and kind.
40. The secretary just (sign) (this, these, that) letters (of, on, by) behalf (on, for, at, of) the manager.
Adjectives and Adverbs:
41. (Old) she gets, (forgetful) she becomes. (A, the, -) elderly and (at, an, the, -) old (be) often forgetful.
42.1 think the American version of ‘War and Peace’ was (lit-tle) interesting than (our, ours).
43. For (far) information, please write to the above address.
44. Now there (be) about 12,000 students in Oxford, and the University and the town live (happy, happily) side by side.
45. Mr. Smith is much (old) than his wife but they are (happy) couple I ever (meet).

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