Ағылшын тілі қазақ тілінде тест сұрақтары 80-100

10. Етістіктің дұрыс түрін табыңыз.
The children … sometimes absolutely naughty.
A) does
B) are
C) am
D) was
E) is
11. Дұрыс болымсыздық сөйлемді табыңыз:
You should watch TV all day.
A) You shouldn’t to watch TV all day.
B) You shouldn’t watch TV all day.
C) You don’t watch TV all day.
D) You mustn’t watch TV all day.
E) You can’t watch TV all day.
12. “to be going to do” дұрыс формада қойыңыз.
My parents … to buy a computer for my sister today.
A) were going
B) are going
C) going
D) is going
E) am going
13. “used to do”  айнaлымымен сөйлемді таңдаңыз
A) When he was asked, he always used it.
B) She used to drive a lot before she had the accident
C) English is spoken as an international language.
D) He always uses it for his own aims.
E) This method is used to achieve good results.
14. Етістікті аударыңыз.
To hear
A) келу
B) айту
C) көру
D) бару
E) есту
15. Төмендегі сөзге  антоним табыңыз:
A) Fall.
B) Busy.
C) Crowded.
D) Empty.
E) Weak.
16. “Жеке меншік мектептер” аударыңыз:
A) Boarding schools
B) Infant schools
C) Private schools
D) Primary schools
E) Junior schools
17. Дұрыс толықтырыңыз:
… is made of milk and sugar
A) the ice-cream
B) a ice-cream
C) ice-creams
D) ice-cream
E) an ice-cream
18. Есімдіктің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
She is younger than … .
A) Who.
B) Hers.
C) He.
D) His.
E) What.
19. Берілген сөздердің қайсысы ешқашан да көпше түрде пайдаланылмайды:
A) Page
B) Language
C) Information
D) Mile
E) Country
20. Зат есімнің тәуелділік формасының дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
… name was “Titanic”.
A) The ships’.
B) The ship’s.
C) The ships.
D) The shipes.
E) The ship’es.
21. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
I … for my English exam tomorrow.
A) Have worked.
B) Works.
C) Was working.
D) Be working.
E) Shall  work.
22. Future in the Past-тағы сөйлем
A) She said that she would phone the office
B) He asked me to pass the suitcase
C) She asked if I had finished my exams
D) He asked how I was
E) I invited them to comt for dinner on Friday
23. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:
I am looking forward to….
A) To be seen him.
B) Seen him.
C) Seeing him.
D) Saw him.
E) See him.
24. Дұрыс жауабын табыңыз:
What is the name of the State which is situated in the Pacific Ocean?
A) Florida.
B) New York.
C) Georgia.
D) Hawaii.
E) Alaska.
25. Ерекшеленген әрiп басқаша оқылады
A) heavy
B) heart
C) head
D) health
E) weather

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