Вопросы по английскому языку для подготовки к ЕНТ 2012

Вопросы по английскому языку для подготовки к ЕНТ


1) What’s the name of the most famous clock in Britain?
a) Big Albert     b) Big Stephen     c) Big Wren   d) Big Ben
2) What’s tartan?
a) a dish     b)a pattern of the kilt     c) a bird     d) a dance
(tartan- шотландка,  kilt- a skirt with many folds that is worn by men)
3) Where is Glasgow situated?
a) in Scotland     b) in Wales     c) in England     d) in Northern Ireland
4) What’s the name of the London underground?
a) Metro     b) Tube     c) Subway     d) Underground
5) What’s the nickname of the liberal party?
a) the Tories     b) the Whips     c) the Libs     d) the Whigs
6) What is the symbol of the Speaker’s authority?
a) the mace     b)the woolsack     c) the ribbon     d) the bell
(mace-булава, жезл)
7) Who presides over the House of Lords?
a) Prime Minister     b) Lord Chancellor     c)Lord Protector     d) the Speaker
(to preside- председательствовать)
8) What’s the name of the British flag?
a) Star-Spangled Banner     b) Stripes and Stars     c) Union Jack     d) John Bull
9) What London street is famous for shops?

a) Oxford Street     b)Fleet Street     c) Lombard Street     d) Charing  Cross Road
10) What was J. Constable?
a) a musician     b) a politician     c) a poet     d) a painter
11) What is the Barbican?
a) a river     b) an art center    c) a pop group     d) a cinema
12) Where is Ben Nevis situated?
a) in Scotland     b) in Wales     c) in England     d) in Northern Ireland
13) Who is the head of the state in Britain?
a) Mayor     b) Prime Minister     c) Queen     d) Speaker
14) What is standing in the middle of Piccadilly?
a) the Statue of Eros     b) the Statue of Pan      c) the Statue of Cromwell     d) the Marble Arch
15) What is soccer?
a) American football     b) hockey     c) squash     d) boat- racing
16) What is Humpty Dumpty?
a) a toy     b) an egg     c) an animal      d)a bird
17) Where is the official residence of the Queen?
a) Chatham  House     b) Regent  Palace     c) Westminster Palace     d)Buckingham Palace
18) What is Benjamin Britten?
a) an architect     b) a composer     c) a writer    d) a politician
19) What is the emblem of Wales?
a) Rose     b) Leek     c) Thistle    d) Shamrock
(Leek-лук-порей, Thistle-чертополох, Shamrock-трилистник)
20) What’s the name of the Queen’s eldest son?
a) Charles     b) Philip     c) Andrew     d) Edward
21) What is the nickname of the Conservative Party?
a) the Tories     b) the Whigs     c) the Libs     d) the Whips
22) What monument is there in the centre of  Trafalgar Square?
a) Cromwell’s  statue        b) Nelson’s Column     c) Queen’s statue d) Edward  Elgar’s statue
23) Which animal can look at the Queen?
a) a dog     b) a cat     c) a lion     d) a tiger
24) What’s the name of Sir Churchill?
a) Winston     b) George     c) Christopher     d) Benjamin
25) Who presides over the House  of Commons?
a) Lord Mayor     b)Lord Chancellor      c) Prime Minister      d) Speaker
26) For Christmas dinner the English usually have…
a) chicken     b) roast beef     c) fish     d) turkey
27) The Whispering Gallery is situated in …
a) Westminster Abbey     b) St. Paul’s Cathedral      c) Tower       d) Hyde Park
28) What is Eisteddfod?
a) a county     b) a dish     c) a festival     d) a dance
29) Who wrote  “Winnie-the-Pooh”?
a) L. Carroll     b) O. Wilde      c) J. R. Tolkien      d) A.Milne
30) What is custard?
a) cream     b) a pudding      c) a pie     d) a tart
(custard-сладкий заварной крем)
31) What is the most ancient monument in Great Britain?
a) the Lower West  Gate     b) Stonehenge     c) Hadrian’s Wall
d) the Tower Gate
32) What is M. Thatcher by profession?
a) an engineer     b) a doctor      c) a chemist     d) a teacher
33) Who is the head  of the government in the UK?
a) Prime Minister     b)Queen     c) Speaker     d) Chancellor
34) Where is the Bank of England situated?
a) in the West End     b) in the East End      c) in the City     d) in the South
35) What is English marmalade?
a) apple jam     b) orange jam     c) sweets     d) a cake
36)The Romans first invaded Britain in …
a) the 5th  century AD     b) the 5th  century  BC    c) the 1st  century BC
d) the 1st  century AD
(to invade- вторгаться)
37) Guy Fawkes is …
a) a national hero of Britain      b) a poet     c) a famous historian
d) the man that wanted to set fire to the House of  Parliament
38) The telephone was invented by…
a)Isaak  Newton     b) Alexander Bell     c) Michael Faraday     d) James Watt
39) The midday meal in Britain is called …
a) breakfast      b) lunch     c) dinner   d) snack
40) Which party was Margaret Thatcher the leader of?
a) Labour     b) Social – Democratic      c) Liberal    d) Conservative.

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