Тест на знание английского

Тест на знание английского языка you sick last weekwere has was are have Lena  English lessons every day. has have are having is having having How  make glass…… How is the glass made How was the glass made How were the glass made How are the glass made How had the glass made … people dont like rock music. some none an any same In winter the days are  than in summer shorter short shortest most short more short They started building the road two years ago and they havent  finished it. still usually seldom always often My parents parents are my  grandparents great  grandparents grandchildren grandmothers grandfathers Washington is the  of the USA. capital district main district territory region Whose T  shirt is this Andy its Andys  its Andys its Andys there Andys its Andy Shes  University teacher. an a the  these When Martin … the car, he took it out for a drive. repaired has repaired repaires was repairing repair Janets colleagues gave her a present when she retired. Janet was given a present by her colleagues when she was retired. Janet was given a present by her colleagues when she is retired. Janet were given a present by her colleagues when she was retired. Janet will be given a present by her colleagues when she is retired. Janet isnt given a present by her colleagues when she was retired. I am afraid I .. come to the party next week. cannot may not must not could not might not Perhaps she was ill yesterday. She might be ill. She must have been ill. She is able to be ill. She might have been ill. She must be ill. 17159 seventeen thousand seven hundred and fifty nine seventeen thousand seventy hundred fifty nine seventeen thousands seven hundred fifty nine seven thousand seven hundred fifty nine seventeens thousand seven hundred fifty nine The concert will last  six  seven. from  until for  to until  and of  until from  and My brother  TV while I was listening to music.   was watching  watched will watch be watched has been watched  doesnt flow through the territory of Kazakhstan. the Volga the Syrdarya  the Ili the Ural the Irtysh patient  person  meet. She is the most patient person Ive ever met. She is most patient person Ive ever met. She isnt patient person Ive ever met. She is more patient person Ive ever met. She is the more patient person Ive ever met. She  this book by tomorrow evening. will have finished is finished finish will finish am finishing 31493 thirty one thousand four hundred and ninety three  thirty first thousand four hundred and ninety three thirty first thousand four hundreds and ninety three thirty one thousands four hundred and ninety thre thirty one thousands fourth hundred and ninety three Plants will die if you  them.   dont water wont die wouldnt water is water could water Hyde Park is famous for its    speakers corner swans flowers zoo swimming pool At the age of 11 most children in England go to a  school where they stay until they are 16. comprehensive primary junior infant grammar  Close the window, please …    I am cold. I cold. I have cold. It has cold.  It will cold. What … on the table   Is there. There was. There are Be there. It is. The park gates  at 6.30 p.m. every evening.  are locked was locked is locked were locked lock  time is it   What. Why. Where. When.  How. The 25th of December is the …day of the year  shortest  short. most short more short,  shorter. My wifes mother is my …   Motherin law Sisterinlaw  Brotherinlaw Fatherin law Aunt The greatest river of Great Britain are …   The Thames and Severn The Colorado, the Columbia.  Audson and Missouri. The Mississippi, die Potomac.   The Gulf of Mexico.  usually run from September to Early January and late January to late May.  semesters  weeks disciplines academic years subjects Mr. Peacock works at a … school. Boys boys. The boy. Boys. Boy. I like … small animals    the   an  these a   day in summer are long,  nights are short.   Thethe  An  An Any  Some  Much  by the end of the term.  have been learnt  has learnt  had been learnt was learning  had learnt They cancelled all flights because of fog.    All flights were cancelled because of fog All flights are cancelled because of fog  All flights was cancelled because of fog They are canceling all flights because of fog variantAll flights are being cancelled because of fog  Fiona did the opposite of what I asked her to do. She understandwhat 1 said   She didnt understand what I said She can understand what I say She cant had understood what I said  She cant have understood what I said  She doesnt understand what I say  Perhaps she was ill yesterday.    She might have been ill  She must be ill  She must have been ill She might be ill She is able to be ill 63 million   Sixtythree million dollars. Sixty and three millions dollars. Dollars sixtythree million. Sixtytree millions dollars. Dollars sixtiesthree millions.   You can see the details  the computer screen.  On At ByvariantAlong.  In She … listens lo the good music.  often quickly  already  just  yet I havent done my homework, she says.  She says she hasnt done her homework. She says she hadnt done my homework. She says she had hadnt done my work. She says she had be done her homework. She says she hadnt done her homework. That is a box, isnt it  Those are boxes, are they These are boxes, arent they That are boxes, arent they Those are boxes, arent they These are box, are they I dont understand this sentence. What    does this word mean does mean this word this word means means this word mean this word This staff consists of 4 980 people.   four thousand nine hundred and eighty  four thousand and nine hundred and eighty  four thousands nine hundreds and eighty  the fourth thousand and nine hundred and aighty  four thousands and nine hundred and eighty If he … time he would help me   Had. Has had. Have. Have had. Has.  The Republic of Kazakhstan is  in the centre of Eurasian  landmass.   located  stretched laid up  put up placed The U.S. centre for art and business is…    New York Atlanta Denver Colorado Colifornia  We often go to  forest in winter.  The variantThese  This Any An When my grandmother … young, she … an actress.   Was  was  Was  were. Were  were.  Was  is. Were  was. New York … a big city.    is are am am not arent Products  in the shops. are sold  will sell  sell is sold sold Winter is the … of the year.   coldest colder cool more cold Im going to … them   help  dry watch clear wash The highest judicial body in Kazakhstan is…   the Supreme Court Mazhilis Senate the Government   the Parliament Most students complete 10 courses per an academic  . year vocation  week  month holiday Take  dictionary. Ann Anns  Ann   Annes Annes  Anns What is  name of  lake   TheThe  A A  These  I… a headache earlier but I feel fine now.   Have  Will have Has Would have Had Do you think that less money should  on armaments    be spent have been spent  being spent  spent  spend  You … help your mother about the house, its your duty.   Must May Might Can Would You … take any book you like.   May Have to Can. Should Must Which glass is yours    ones mine.  That Them   He  I My  Her type of woman can  life much more easly.   cope with look after   take care of  take advantage make do with We were waiting for the boat when the police    arrived  have arrived arrives was arriving will arrive The Congress is situated  .   on Capitol Hill  in Downing Street N 10      in the Mall  near the White House in New York  Our   are  .   Children Brothers ChilrirenBrotheres Child Brothers Children Brother Childs Brothers If I  him yesterday, I would have discussed the question with him.   Saw Would see See Had seen   Has seen   One for all and all for …   one  three  five two  four More than 4570 students study at the University   Four thousand five hundred and seventy. Fourty five thousand and seventy. Four thousand and five hundred and seventy. Fourty  five and seventy Four thousand five hundred seventy. If I had studied hard I would the test yesterday    Have passed Be passed Pass Had passed Passed Hyde Park, originally  is the largest park in London. a place for public meetings  a zoo a royal hunting forest  enterteinment park. a square How much … these postcards  Fifty pence are arent  am  is   was There … a big meeting here tomorrow.  Will be is  was Be Are This room  every day. is cleaned were cleaned were cleaning  was cleaned   cleaned  Shoes dont fit.  These Him We  Me  This There is … sugar in your tea than in mine. more the more   many much  the most Which of the following adverbs has suffix  er in the comparative degree firm   the worth  bad   worse  good We keep our food in the   Refrigirator TV  set Sofa Wardrobe Cupboard What ocean is the east coast of the USA washed by Atlantic  Antarctic  Arctic  Pacific  Indian The doctors car is outside  house. Someone must have fallen ill there.  The Browns The Browns family Browns  A Browns The Browns   chocolates which I ate last night tasted very strange. the   any  an a She is  university teacher. an  these  a the   Mike  away yet. hasnt gone   didnt go  doesnt gone  do not go isnt going English  in Australia.  Is spoken  Be spoken Are spoken  Was spoken  Am spoken  Why are you in a hurry You … be in your office before half past eight  mustnt had better not  couldnt  arent supposed to  might not I thought it … be a great help to him for me … the books he wanted. would  to bring could  brought  will  bringing may  bringing  will  bring How do you say the title Elizabeth II   Elizabeth the Second Two  Elizabeth The Second Elizabeth. The Two Elizabeth II  Elizabeth 2. Please come … my party … Saturday. toon forat  byon   into   toin I havent got any money, hell tell you. Hell tell you he hasnt got any money. Hell tell you he wouldnt have got any money. Hell tell you he had hadnt got any money. Hell tell you he hadnt got any money. Hell tell you he hasnt got some money. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan now 14 20 17 25 19 You and I both have dark brown hair.  Your hair is the colour as mine. Your hair is darker than my hair. My hair is dark brown Your hair is more darker than my hair. Your hair is not as dark brown as my hair.  I  know who she was. I  her before. didnt  had never seen wouldnt  didnt see  hadnt  have seen didnt  have never saw didnt  has never seen One for all and all for  . one  four  two three five If she … the letter earlier she … that flat. Had received  would have bought.  Receive  would to buy. Receive will buy. Received  would buy. Would receive  bought. … has three parts the City, the West End, the East End. London Moscow  Chicago New York Mexico Comprehensive schools in England provide a wide range of  to most or all the children from their local area. secondary education university education  nursery education  college education  primary education Which of the nouns is used with an Area Path  Tiger Ruler Girl Your sister … a pupil, she … not a student. Is  is.  Am  is. Is  are.  Am  Is  am. There  a big meeting here tomorrow. Will be Was  Be Is  Are Where   In London. were you born did you born you bom  are you born have you been born Yesterday I … to answer all these letters. could must should might had This is … winter for 20 years. he worst the more bad the worse worse  worst Which of the following adverbs has suffix  er in the comparative degree soon worst good most best What is Big Ben Clock. Theatre.  Monument. University. Museum. Possessive case of the noun. These are … toys. childrens  childrenes childrens of children of childrens This is … newspaper. Ninas Ninass Ninas  Nina  Nins … Queen visited a new hospital this morning. The. Her. His. A.   The teacher  recently  new material. Has explained Will be explaining Had explained Is explaining  Will explain His novels  into eight languages, have been translated to be translated  was translated has been translated have translated He  in his office. I saw him arrive about ten minutes ago. must be shall be  can be may be is Take care, wont you, Anna Look after … yourself yourselves  your yours you Choose the right variant of the year nineteen fiftyseven. 1957 1975  1955 1959  1956 In England most children go  school at the age of five. To At

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